A handbag online Malaysia seller is someone you need to carefully look into before you spend your money. They are going to be able to give you a good deal on a good handbag only if they are someone you know is a trusted seller. Here are some ways to make sure this is always the case.
Know that it’s pretty cheap and easy for people to sell you counterfeit bags. The ones that you have to watch out for are those that have a brand name but seem to be much less expensive than the real deal. People that act like they’re giving you a deal generally are just trying to get rid of something that they know if you looked into it, you wouldn’t buy it. That’s why you need to steer clear of people that don’t want to show you what they have in very clear pictures or those that won’t take returns.

A private seller may want to meet up with you to sell you something in person. If that is going to happen, make sure you look into what the bag looks like that you’re supposedly getting a deal on from them. Meet in a well-lit and public area with people around so you’re not going to get robbed or anything. While you’re able to be safe most of the time when buying from people, it just takes that one person that’s up to no good to make things bad for you because you weren’t careful.
See if there is a way to get your money back if you are not happy with what you get. The sign of a bad seller or company is those that operate by making all sales final no matter what happens. If it gets damaged in shipping, for instance, and you can’t get your money back then that is not fair. That’s why you should only buy expensive items that are backed by a return policy in case something bad happens like you getting it in bad shape or it not being what you ordered.

Seek out promo codes that help you get more money off when buying from a company. Even sites that let multiple sellers list items may have coupon codes you can use to get money off of shipping or to get money off. It’s best to sort all results by the latest first so that you know if something is too old to have coupons that work listed. If you find a lot of codes and can’t get any to work, remember to check if a letter is really a number or anything like that.


Handbag online Malaysia offers are going to have to be researched before you spend money on them. Anyone is able to find a good deal on a great bag. If you’re not sure about a bag or its seller, don’t spend your money on it because risks can lead to you getting a bad deal.

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