Have you been wondering what dermal filler is and how it works? If you are reading this article, chances are you are searching for answers about dermal filler and wanted to know more about this beauty dermal filler which is one of the beauty rejuvenation processes.

Accordind to Dr. Jeff Khoo, dermal filler is a better substitute to Botox. Dermal filler is used to repair, remodel and rejuvenate facial skin and tissues to make someone look younger and with a more glowing skin. Undergoing dermal filler injection has a lot of benefits, some of them are:



It Can Make You Look Younger

Most of the dermal filler patients are those patients who are already aging. They undergo the der

mal filler procedure for them to look and stay young in appearance and repair the wrinkles on their faces. However, the dermal filler can be expensive, but there are still a lot who would want to invest with dermal fillers and most of the patients for dermal fillers would rather choose this one over having the Botox procedure because dermal filler imposes a lot more healthier benefits. There are tw

o kinds of dermal filler: the synthetic and the natural dermal fillers. Of course, with the natural dermal fillers, it has a smaller risk of having an adverse reaction to your skin while for the synthetic dermal filler, you have a high danger of getting bad results of the surgery and process after undergoing synthetic dermal filler. Since it is the process of making you look younger, it can repair and rejuvenate a lot of damaged tissues and skin on your face which give a face lifting effect.


skin treatment applyingFilling Out Black Spots and Areas Under Your Eye: Black area or hollow under your area is often caused by lack of sleep and stress. This is also one of the major reasons why someone looks older than their chronological age. And with the dermal filler, it makes the black hollow area under your eye disappear.
• Repairing Acne and Chicken Pox Scars: Most of the people have experienced having acne at some point in their lives and having acnes often lead to frustrations and even depressions; but with the help of the dermal filler, it can make the skin even on your face making the acne and even chicken pox scars unnoticeable.
• Plumbing Lips: Dermal filler also includes the process of plumbing out the lips by smoothing out the vertical lines on the lips and the overall edges of the lips.
• Augmentation of the cheeks: For the overall restoration of a young-looking glow and skin, augmentation of the cheeks is one of the procedures of dermal filler.

anti aging effects
Thus, those are just some of the particular sample procedures done through the dermal filler. And dermal filler is now more popular in Malaysia than any other country. There are even a lot of people who would go and visit Malaysia just for the sake of having the dermal filler procedure in some of the trusted skin, beauty and anti-aging clinics.

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